Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Earthquake In Arkansas, Could It Happen?

While listening to the news earlier today I was caught off guard by one of the topics that they were discussing and that was that Arkansas State Emergency Agencies along with FEMA were doing a mock plan in the event of a 7.2 magnitude quake.

You may be asking me why I find this so very interesting and unique to be discussed and disclosed at the time that it was.  I will give you the full details of this as we proceed with this post.  I want for you to take a look at a news item that was released in 2009.  Based on the scientific data they have already on file along with other seismic and geographic information indicates that Arkansas is at a greater risk for a catastrophic earthquake than those who live within the San Andreas Fault Zone in California.  Ok, so you may ask why the tiff and excitement about is quite apparent that someone within the confines of the State Government Agencies may quite very well know or have privy information to that would lead them to believe that this is something that is closer on the horizon than what they may be letting on to.

The image you see on the left is provided courtesy of the United States Geological Services and as you can see by reading the chart the yellow, orange and red areas are those that are at the greatest risk for a major geological atrophy.

Only the far Northeast corner of Arkansas is in the extreme danger of a large scale seismic activity.  However, a magnitude 7+ would be felt throughout nearly the entire state.  Obviously an earthquake of this scale would cause a serious disruption in essential services from fire, police and critical systems that are required to keep the state operating effectively.  Is this something that our state is prepared for not only from an Emergency Preparedness level but from a fiscal one as well.  Seeing as Arkansas ranked third nationally in child poverty and with more than obvious reasons can we truly afford of what would be more than a devastating experience of such a high powered quake.

Many of us who live close to or near the Gulf region can remember how FEMA handled or should I say the lack of proper handling of those who were affected by Hurricane Katrina.  Is FEMA and those who are in charge of it prepared to step up to the plate if such a disaster as the one they were doing mock up exercises for in Little Rock, AR prepared for what could exponentially be one of the worst catastrophes to hit the state in many years.

I suppose all we can do is sit back and watch as the events begin to unfold and certainly hope and pray that we are not stricken with such a catastrophe on this scale any time soon!  However, for those who share similar thinking as that of can only plan for a rainy day and I would start planning now!  I see this as just another excuse for the larger cities within the State of Arkansas to implement what is being seen around other large metropolitan areas around the country with creating a Police State.

For those who may be unaware of exactly what a Police State is I suggest you look into NWO and give Alex Jones of Infowars a look up as these are all starting to manifest themselves around the country and at an alarming rate.

Share with us your thoughts on this and other events that have caught your attention.


Greg A. Hyatt
Founder, We Talk You Talk

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