Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Power To Overcome

In life there are many things that can take control of you.  Whether they be addictions, emotional issues or things in life that have a way to take complete control over everything.

I am here to tell you that there is good news and that is that you are not alone.  Millions have suffered from and currently suffer from addictive behaviors that seem to take control over your life and the ones that you love.

Addictions come in a multitude of sizes and colors in life and can be from mild to absolutely compulsive and have the ability to make you do things that you normally would not think about under normal circumstances.  Why is it that some families are stricken with this debilitating disease and others are not?  That has been a question that has kept the doctors and researchers busy for a number of years trying to figure out and provide answers to.  I believe that addictive behaviors are in  part hereditary in nature and almost make a person predispositioned to having them in their life at one point or another.

Of course there are outside factors that can drive a person to become an addictive type personality.  We will take a closer look at what some of those are a little later in this post.  Often times, a person who suffers from an addiction most generally do not understand what they have or the underlying causes.  It is not until one usually has to enter into a treatment of sorts that they begin to put a finger on exactly what it is that has taken control of their life and how to begin to bring it under control.

One of the most well know addictions is to alcohol and drug use.  Millions of people worldwide are afflicted with this disease and have lost nearly everything in their life as a result.  Studies have shown that most people who suffer from this sort of addiction usually have had a member of their family who, also, has suffered from the same addiction at one point or another.

Researchers are still trying to determine if this is triggered by a chemical imbalance in humans or if it is more psychological with accompanying outside factors that seem to make this more known to people who would otherwise not likely succumb to the addictive lifestyle.  Do you know a person who suffers from an addiction?  If so, then you more than likely understand what it does to a person and their family and how destructive it can be.

However, there are more addictions than most of you know of and just about anything in life can produce an addictive personality.  There are those who are addicted to playing games online, social networking addicts and then we can venture off into physiological addictive types as those experienced by those who are OCD.  Believe it or not even the aforementioned can be highly debilitating and cause more issues in your personal life than  you can begin to believe.

What is it exactly that drives a person to develop an addictive personality.  Is it that they have missed out on something that they consider to have been important for the to feel complete or is it more a physiological determination that decides who will become an addict or not?  Sadly once a person realizes they have an addiction they often times will transfer that addiction to something else in an effort to hide the previous one.

We certainly are interested in hearing about your addictions and how you were able to overcome them.  Share with us an our viewers about this.  The one thing about recovery is that there is help from a multitude of sources and many who are standing by to assist you through this.

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