Sunday, October 10, 2010

How Music Plays

For those of who have been around or near music for nearly all of our lives it has played an integral part of who we are and motivated us in various things that either have taken place in our life or things we had planned on taking place in our life.  Music has played such an important role in making up many of our compositions.

Granted there is some music which I have not tolerance nor use for, however, as you can see at the top of this blog site I have gone back in my years and some current selections.  What I wanted to focus on is how important music has become in our lives.  It can change the mood you are in or set one that you want to be in.  Music has the power to alter the state of your very being more than you can begin to realize.  While there are some leading experts who claim that some music leads a person into a lifestyle that may not be safe I am here to make a firm stand in the fact that music is just that music.

The choices that a person makes in life that may make them choose wrong choices has no bearing upon the artist but rather that of the person listening.  I listen to a wide genre of music that goes from modern pop, techno trance, 80's metal, country and a list that we could spend all day upon!  Is it the music that makes me choose what I will do today?  I do not think so as this is in direct relationship to what was already pre-planned in my mind.

I do feel that music can change the state of a persons mind in effect that when you have had a stressful day it can certainly be used as a tool to sooth you and provide for a relaxing environment.  However, on that same note their are people who would suggest that music has been the factor behind people killing others, suicides and even accountable for drug and alcohol addictions.  I am here to tell you that I can not place any direct relationship between any of the above with music.  For a person to dive off into a lifestyle that is both hazardous and life altering has nothing to do with the music they have listened to nor what music they may presently be listening to but has more to do with an altered state of mind that certainly was caused by other sources other than the nature of the music they have listened to.

As a youngster many years ago I can remember listening to KISS and Ozzy Osbourne, both who have at one point or another been wrongly accused of leading teens into Satanism and a whole rash of other accusations.

Here again I want to ask the question.....was it the music or was it quite possibly the lack of parental involvement in their children's lives and pointing them in the right direction.  I mean I can certainly find a multitude of other things that are more directly to the occult lifestyle such as Ouija Boards, Dungeons and Dragons and other things that have come and gone of the past decades.  Is it that any of these items are directly related to lifestyles or is it merely changes that we have adapted to at the time they were in our life.  For what has been a controversial issue for many years since I can remember music still seems to be the number one source for our entertainment and relaxation and party events.  All in all I encourage those who are musicians to keep on pursuing your dreams and let the music continue to fill your life with whatever it has to offer you!

What are your thoughts on how music has affect you in our life?  Do you see music as a negative thing or has it been a comfort to you?  Share with us on the above topic and let's see what sort of answers we come up with today?  As always.....have a wonderful and blessed week and love one another.


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