Sunday, October 10, 2010

Changing America

America we all know that there is a great deal riding out on the up coming Mid-Term Elections in November.  With the economy being down in the dumps, skyrocketing health care costs, unemployment setting records at an all time high and the globalization of not only our economy but your life as well.

There has never been any election in the past that has held such importance as the one that is in the works now.  I can't stress enough for each of you to learn about the candidates who are on your ballots depending upon your state of residency.  I know there are those out there who feel that their vote has no bearing and that certainly could not be further from the truth.  We need each of you to stand and let your voices be heard this November.  Every Americans future is at stake and it will not only affect your life but those of your children and even into your grand children's generation as well.  So what is it that you need to be checking for?  We are certainly going to take a closer look at some of the critical topics that are on the tops of every ones minds and the ones that need to have direct answers from those who are wanting to be elected into office.  We can no longer settle for going around the bush for an answer nor sugar coated mealy mouse answers that only tickle the ears of those who don't seem to have any insight on the issues that could forever change the direction of this country.

The one issue that should be at the top of every American whether young or old is health care.  With the introduction and passing of Obama Care it is vital that the person you intend to vote for stand against this and be willing to pass the necessary laws into effect that will repeal this process.

Health care should be an individual choice and not one that is decided for you from a government that can't even budget its own GAO.  The only thing that will be a product of what is a disaster in the making is a high level of taxation on an already tax burdened society.  We as Americans pay more in taxes than what should even be called for.  It is time for "Big Government" to start to realize we need to cut out their benefits and put them into the pockets of the Americans who truly deserve it and not the fat cats that have spent nearly their entire lifetime getting rich from your hard efforts.  The money you earn should benefit you and your family not D.C.  Americans can no longer take a stand back and look attitude any longer.  It is time for every citizen of this country to stand and make their voices heard.  If someone is that is on the ballot is looking to cause you to loose your health care or pushing for the implementation of Obama Care then send the message they need to hear by voting them out of office.  We have not need for them to be there any longer!

Certainly another area of critical importance right now and should be under a close eye by every tax paying citizen is Social Security.  I know at my age I have paid a substantial amount into this program and I certainly want to ensure that when the time comes for me to have a need for it that it will be there and fully intact with the ability to pay those it is supposed to pay.

With the privatization of Social Security will almost ensure that you will not receive the first dime from the program and for some who are in need to receive it most will almost guarantee that you will not see the first dime from the program.  Are you prepared financially to be able to sustain yourself in the absence of this program?  I know many who will basically loose their very existence in the absence of this program.  We must stand to protect what is rightfully ours!  If Social Security becomes privatized it will be handled in the same hap hazardous fashion as what the Mortgage Industry has been handled and will lead to a serious financial collapse and breakdown that will have consequences that will be astronomical.  Where does your Senator or Congressman fall on this issue.  Tell them what you want and vote for the one who will ensure that this program stays in tact.  If "Big Government" would keep their hands out of this for their own pockets it will be there when you may be in need for it.

Another area that needs critical attention and an area that a lot people have little if any clue what is going on is their sources of food.  One of the most critical areas is GMO foods or genetically modified organisms that are used in the process of your foods. Many of the GMO's that are being used by several large producers and manufacturers of food products are directly linked and related to causing several different types of cancers, birth defects and even lead up to and cause pre-mature death.

One of the leading producers of GMO based foods and herbicides used on the foods that are grown is Monsanto.  People, we have to make this stop!  They basically are killing us off by altering the state and fashion that our food is grown, processed and matured at a quicker rate than nature had intended for it to be.  Take a closer look at the news and watch as more and more babies are contracting diseases that normally in times past have been primarily experienced by older generations.  A higher rate of cancers in children, birth defects that have no know causes and preGMO's then put them out on their butt as they are killing you and your family!  Please, I can't encourage each of you to study and investigate further into your foods to learn which may be contaminated or have known uses of GMO's in them.  If you have ever wondered why the push for organic foods this is why!  For those who have the ability to grow their own food I can not encourage you any more to do so than right now.  This is something that is not going to disappear overnight and one that has already been known to have caused mass deaths around the globe.  If you have ever heard of DDT this has caused more deaths globally than any other known element.  Please take the time to educate yourself.

Another area of high importance is the new Carbon Taxes that are wanting to be imposed upon you and millions of others around the Untied States.  The whole greenhouse effect and over exaggeration of this issue has been over played and sold to America.

Do not misunderstand me when I say I am all about being Geo friendly and Eco conscious, however, do you really want your government telling you how much energy you and your home will be allowed to have and use?  This is the one area where I am almost in support of an increase in a gas tax if they need it in order to help pay and provide for systems to keep our environment cleaner.  However, on the other foot I am not about to have my electric bill be nearly tripled if not more just to sustain the so called "global warming" myths that are being passed around like a bucket of candy and people grabbing up on it by the hand fulls.  The whole global warming issue and myth has been dispelled by some of the leading climate experts around the globe.  This was nothing more than another back door attempt by your Federal Government trying to carve your pockets out financially and to take an even greater level of control over you and your life!

This, unfortunately, will become the next market they Fed's are going to try and beat you up with.  Cyber Terrorism and what they think is so very vital to attempt to take control over the Internet and what you can and can't see.

First let me dismiss this whole myth in the fact that cyber terrorism has existed long before now and our government has spent millions of dollars and research hours to implement systems that would prevent such a malicious attack on our sensitive infrastructure that could cause a near critical shutdown on vital systems.

I am guessing that they think the majority of Americans are idiots and have not taken time to research this on their own.  However, in the event that they have not please do so.  Yes there are some very real possibilities of attacks onto our networking structure, however, we have been able to thwart them off with no damage to any of our mainframe computers or sensitive infrastructure.  This has been nothing more than a hoax to once again attempt to place more control over your life and very existence.  Take time to educate yourself on the above noted topics and points as well as those we were not able to fit upon here!  Believe me it is vital for each American to do their own research and educate themselves and each other.  We can make this all stop and restore America to what many of us grew up knowing but it is going to take every ones vote this coming November and not just a hand full.

What are your thoughts on this?  What would you like to see changed and how do you think it should be done.


Mr.Arnau said...

All this and much more disgusts me...

Greg Hyatt said...

Thank you Mr. Arnau for taking time to visit with me. I am in agreement with you and of course if you have ready any of my other posts you will know that there is a plethora of issues that I have written upon and many more that need to be covered as well! What truly scares me is that with my questioning various people around the country how many of them have never heard about any of the topics I have touched upon!

Certainly I am hoping that this will reach a large scale audience and that people will begin to really look into some of the things I have written about and start to educate themselves and prepare for what is going to be what I am sure will equate to another civil uprising that was greater than that of the Civil War itself.