Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Although it has been a slow start to get this new blog site off of the ground, it is beginning to take shape and more and more features and a more refined look is taking place.

As you can see by the chart illustration, this is a flow of the traffic that is being driven to my blog site either through various social networking sites and by some blog submission sites that I have submitted it to.  I hope to see a continue growth and spike in the amount of traffic and visitor's and hope that I can continue to write and deliver quality content that they feel worth taking the time to read.

As with any new venture trying to get it to take off the way you anticipated and be slow and painful to say the least, however, as I have learned from my previous blogging experiences it took time to get my site recognized through the major search engines and such.  Each of you can assist with this by voting for this site via the button that is nestled on the upper right hand side, which assist in increasing our page rankings and SEO criteria.

I enjoy publishing my life as well as writing about a variety of topics that range from politics, life, love and a great deal more.  Whether it be keeping up with the latest technology advances or gadgets for your smart phone you can count on myself to deliver a unique blend of materials for you to view.  Of course, my personal belief is that no site is complete without some interesting music to go along with the reading.  From time to time we change the type of music that is set to autoplay on top of our site.  So, if we incorporate a video or audio presentation in any of our post's you will need to make sure to stop the playing of it first.  Sorry for the inconvenience and I could have set it up not to autoplay but I enjoy the music that was selected and want to share it with all of you as well!

If ever there is something you think you would enjoy having me write about, please do not hesitate to contact me directly by clicking here and providing me with a little description of what you think I can hit upon and share with the rest of the world!  One things is for sure and that is we are excited and look forward to an exponential growth in this site and want each of you to be a part of it!


Greg A. Hyatt
Founder, We Talk You Talk

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