Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Do We Explain This

As I sat listening to my youngest little girl sing a song they have prepared to sing to an audience of Veteran's tomorrow I had to sit and wonder exactly how I would begin to explain exactly what it was that was transpiring around the world and here in America.

What has been fought for to preserve and keep alive is slowly being taken away.  As a young man I only dreamed of an America that would be that of which I and so many others grew up in. A land that was packed with untold opportunities and the sky being the limit as to what could be accomplished only limited to your desires.

Now we are facing the very real potential of our nation being destroyed forever more.  As my precious baby sang a song about the hero's coming home, I was thinking to myself how to explain that many would not be returning and that we probably will face an even greater tragedy in the next several months that will result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of soldiers if not potentially into the millions.

The bloodshed of many will soon be on the hands of our government.  Sadly enough, we were in a place to be able to prevent and stop this massacre.  Now we are only left in a place in time to watch it pass before our very eyes.

It is not just the tears of myself but the tears of a nation that are being shed as we must prepare for the inevitable that lays just around the corner as our government prepares to take our people into the unthinkable.

Why is it that we will stop at nothing to start or support the start of World War III but will not intervene into the countless thousands of Syrian's that are be massacred at the hands of their government.  How do we as a nation decide who we will intervene on the behalf of and who we will watch being slaughtered?

It seems more and more with the passing of each of these events that our nation has only become interested in those that our nation sees as a vested financial interest or should I say one that has the most oil.  Why this I am not sure.  It has been proven that our country has the resources to produce the oil we need to free ourselves from the dependency of foreign oil.

Now more and more leaders of the largest nations around the world are pushing for a one world financial system and currency.  While this has been in the working for quite some time, with more and more nations declaring a state of bankruptcy this should certainly be at the top of every one's watch list.

We have seen Greece financially fall, Italy is on the brink and everyone is declaring they do not have the financial resources to provide assistance.  Then again, had all of these nations not made poor financial decisions in the private sector, many of these nations may not be experiencing this epidemic.  Was it pre-planned or just a matter of circumstance.

You can bet that this has been in the master plans of the World Government's that have been manipulating this very situation and masterminding exactly how and when they would bring down each country one at a time.  Thus creating the need or so called need for a one world government that could effectively oversee this.  What this will mean for every living human being is that we will become enslaved to these very people.  What so many have thought would not happen is coming into the limelight before our very eyes.  As the hands on the clock pass each and every minute upon them we grow ever so close to the end of our civilizations as many of us have come to understand them.

What once was a free people is slowly slipping into the hands of those who want to take a ounce of our freedom away and turn us into dependents of a global society that is determined to take control of every aspect of our lives.

If you are unsure of this or simply refuse to believe that this is in the works even as I sit to write this, then all I can say to you is Lord be with you and your family.  No longer is the day of celebrating our freedom but now we must truly stand to protect and defend it.  We are not going to be able to rely upon our military to execute this action but it will come to freedom loving Americans to accomplish this.  You can choose to be a part of something great or you will be a part of something that will go into the History books as one of the worst events even known to hit our world as we know it.

Just recently the Government performed a nationwide EAS (Emergency Alert System) test.  However, this test was only tested on radio and television stations throughout America.

What about the millions of Internet users or cell phone users who were not notified.  If our Government can listen in on any of these devices then how can they not provide any sort of warning to them.  Simply put.....they do not want too!  More and more media outlets are going to be censored as thy will only foretell what the Government desires for them to communicate to the masses.

People need to look more and more into independent media sources that are not directly attached to our government or any other controlled entity.  The time is for people to come forth and reveal this information as they have understanding to it.  We have several links to some of the more credible sources of non-government sanctioned media outlets that know exactly what is coming down the road for us!  You can find them on our blogroll!

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