Friday, March 15, 2013

Prepare To Embrace Them

There is not a day or night that goes by that I do not focus on my children and knowing that very soon I am going to have to present news to them that I prayed I would never have to unfold to them at such a young and tender age.

While some of you may be wondering exactly what it is that I am referring to, it would be the imminent dangers of America entering into another World War.  While this has been on the horizon for some time, I certainly was hoping that it was not going to come into fruition as soon as it has.  Of lately, I have been having visions of what this is going to look like and actually able to hear the voices of the soldiers.  I have even been able to see myself engaged in this battle and being able to see various outcomes.  I am going to tell you now that it is not very pretty.

 Is this the best future that we can hope to offer to our children?  While some would merely suggest that we just sit back and pray that this dreadful day never comes is a bit of a dream. 

We have been teetering on this brink of global destruction for a short time it is more evident now that we are closer to the edge than any media outlet is going to extend to you.

Why must we embrace this.  Let me provide some clear evidence that we are on the brink of disaster.  If you will remember, during the first term of President Obama, he firmly stood against Israel and any move they would decide to make in regards to Iran's quest for nuclear development.  However, now he is almost going out of his way to embrace the leader of Israel with a firm stand in support of a surgical strike to stop this process.  While I certainly back Israel to halt this, what is disturbing is the fact that this will develop into a global front.

The DRPK or North Korea is continuing their rhetoric about delivering a nuclear strike to America and has torn the armistice agreement papers up that put a cease fire in place for the Korean war.  If Israel makes a move on Iran this will open the doors for N. Korea to engage and we will then find ourselves smack in the middle of a global front.  While there are naysayers who would have you believe that nothing is going to come of this, I am here to tell you that you are living a dangerous life if you believe that we are not on the edge of some extremely troubling times.

While the evangelicals are triumphing thinking that this could very well trigger the rapture and they will be saved from this upcoming events filled with horrors that there are not enough words to describe, I am going to tell you that they may very well be in for a surprise.

I am going to encourage all of my dear friends to read from the Book of Mark in the Bible.  If you pay extreme close attention to the words and how it is written especially the end of it, you will notice that it is strongly indicated that even Christians well have to ensure the end times before being able to see the rapture take place.  Of course this takes on an age old argument that has been going on for nearly as long as the Bible itself has been in existence.  That is the issue or pre-tribulation or post-tribulation.  Either way you want to look at it, the end results of what we are preparing to enter are not very encouraging.  While lately a great deal of attention has been on who was going to be the next Pope, as the smoke clears and we resume our lifestyles the clearing is pointing to a new world of which there is a great deal of danger and nasty things lurking around the corner.

Look I am a Christian myself and have a strong belief in Jesus and the Bible, however, the upcoming times is going to be harsh and it is the reality of it and how I must be able to present this to my children and to my family that truly brings a great deal of grief to my heart and soul!  I pray day and night about this, however, when you have been chosen to be a messenger and provided the ability to have the visions to warn people it can be a large load to carry.  Am I suggesting that I am a prophet or something like that.  No way!  However, God does use people and allows certain people to have the ability to have these visions and dreams to be able to warn people of what is coming in the very near future.

How ready are you?  Take the time to examine where your life is and keep a close eye on the Eastern sky as days are growing shorter and shorter to us being in the end of time.

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