Thursday, May 10, 2012

Missing A Ministry

Certainly I would like to think that many ministries around the Unites States as well and globally have given serious thought to a vast community of believers that still to this day are overlooked.  With the rise of the Internet and all the electronic devices available to access it in various shapes and sizes, this is one area that a vast majority of ministries are missing out on.

Have seen more than a 500% in the amount of people who access the Internet and those who turn to it more and more for information and articles you would think that ministries that are on the rise would certainly tap into this market to reach more people.  Stop and think about all the things that you search for on the Internet and how much each of our lives and become almost dependent upon its very existence for our daily lives.  Everything from organizational tools, communications and keeping in contact with friends and family regardless of the distance that separates them.

While many churches are always excited about seeing new faces attend their meetings I would like to think that the actual new front door to churches is actually now upon the Internet.  Part of this is achieved in the websites that are maintained by churches.  If you see one that is loaded with useful content and catches your eye, chances are if you are close enough to attend you probably will.  However, the same can be true in direct opposite of this as well.  If you maintain or have a church site that is never updated or out of date in its proprietary technology then chances are people will not visit it nor attend your church as they already see it as being dead and behind the times.

While there may be many out there who say we don't want a church as big as let's say World Harvest Church in Columbus Ohio I can only ask you "why not"?  The larger the body of believers you have in your congregation certainly provides you with an abundance of resources to expand your ministry into a well cultured and diverse ministry to be able to meet the needs of several.

You may be asking yourself how does this apply to our church?  Simple, a church without growth is eventually going to be a dead church.  Plain and simple.  Now to really spark a lot of controversy!  Let's talk about music and praise and worship.  While I realize that a lot of people are stuck on traditional music, let me also bring to your attention the obvious fact that we are missing out on being able to capture the attention of our youth.  Ask yourself, after a lot of your older congregation has passed exactly who is it that you are going to have to build your church and keep it strong and growing?  Exactly....the youth.

A church that is not on the move is most certainly apt to become a dead church where this is no growth and a lack of any motivation to attract any new visitors and potential members.

I often compare church to a good sales person at times.  Seriously, take time to think about this for just a moment.  If someone comes into your church as a new visitor and maybe they have a talent or the ability to be a financial blessing to you expanding your ministry or just being able to maintain the one your currently have and you have never taken the time to learn more about that person or take any serious interest in them you may very well have lost what could have been a true blessing.  Then after that what will you have gained?  Nothing!  Then you will be in the same position that you have been in for years and wondering how you will bring your ministry out of this scenario.

Just a useful thought of information to my many wonderful friends who are in the ministry fields.  Take the time to think this over and see for yourself how God is looking to truly unlock your ministry to its fullest potential and it's all within the reach of your fingertips.

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