Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Preach To Win Souls...Not Fill Your Pockets

Stop With The Play On Emotions.....

I have to admin that I am beyond a little upset this evening.  While attending our Wednesday evening service I was more than taken back by what my ears had heard.  

Let me begin be describing the chain of events that lead me to be more than a smoking gun.  After opening prayer the Pastor of the church that we attend began by opening the service by collecting their offerings.  After an explanation of how they had collected more money from the smaller crowd this past Sunday than from when they have larger crowds.  Let me say that I above all people realize that churches have bills to pay just like everyday folks like you and me and they do so by the money that they collect from the people who attend there.  So, you are asking what has me so aggravated?  Simple...

While myself and my fiance have been in the midst of a huge home renovation for nearly the past year we have not been able to attend services due to both of us having to work a full-time job and still keep a schedule with this project to be completed prior to our wedding date.  Tonight, the Pastor's wife actually had the audacity to tell us "don't be such a stranger".  Why does this aggravate me so?  Due to the fact that NOT ONCE  did anyone bother to call and see if we were alive, if something may have been wrong with either one of our health or if something was wrong within our family unit (which it was).

Mine Isn't Good Enough

I suppose if I had an abundance of money that I would have had various member's as well as the pastor himself beating down my door wanting to know about where I had been.  However, since I am a working stiff just like many others I am not as important that the others.  That is the source of my anger.  How many times I listen to ministers around the country preach about how God wants us to prosper, how if we tithe that God will put it back in our pockets and on and on and on.  Look, I realize and know exactly what the Bible says about tithing.  What irritates me to no end is the mere fact that without money, I seem to hold no importance in my church's eyes.

How Do You Know

How do you know exactly what I have to offer and what I don't.  I can tell you this, though, I only give my money to ministries that put their works back into their own people and truly demonstrate a yearning and desire to take care of their own and their community.  Don't judge me based on what you think I may or may not have.  It may very well be you that is missing the blessings.

Do You Even Know...

I am almost certain that many pastor's do not even know the names of many of the people who sit in their churches.  Look, while I am more forgiving of this for those who say pastor a church that has let's say more than 500 people.  However, for those that are smaller I certainly can't find any excuse other than pure laziness on the part of the ministry and any of their staff as to why they don't.

If you truly want me to get involved and especially financially you better get to know me and my family and make us feel a part of something.  I have certainly embarrassed larger ministry's and while this is not my goal I am not beyond this.  I am a name, I am a person and most importantly is that I have feelings.  Start noticing all of them or stay out of my emotions and quit trying to pick my pockets with your sob stories.  After all, everyone is paying attention to your lifestyle and the fact that you are not lacking.  Don't make those of us who are struggling financially feel like a heel just because we are not pouring money into your pockets.

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